Tangible Interaction for Neurofeedback Theraphy

Children with ADHD/ADD have difficulties communicating and socializing with others – additionally to their lack of concentration. Based on our research, BRIAN was designed to enrich their concentration practice from an early age. It is an unique toy, as it reacts to the child’s concentration and meditation level, instead of getting moved by physical interaction. Even though it is ‘just’ a ball, it has its own friendly personality and is an extraordinary approach to motivate the child to exercise its concentration. The advantage of this concept is its flexibility that gives the user an opportunity to practice independent from time and place.


Date: Spring 2015 – 10 days
Team: Anton Löf, Helle Taanquist, Susanne Duswald


The concept consists of a neurosensor headband that measures the brain activity (concentration and meditation level), and visualizes the data by making the ball (BRIAN) physically move. BRIAN rolls straight, while glowing blue, when the user is fully concentrated, but if the concentration level reduces, it starts moving in a circular pattern. In order to motivate the child to play with BRIAN, it was given a personality to create a friendly relationship with the ball on a personal level. We designed a character that reacts to certain activities e.g. hitting a wall. In this case the ball turns pink and explains through an emotional sound that it got hurt. Afterwards, it starts healing with a combination of pulsating sound and pink light, indicating its getting better.

Importantly, our design aimed to provide a joyful play experience throughout the treatment process, while it is still possible for the parents to follow the progress, without the child feeling observed or that it can fail.


The Process