Skype Touch

Bringing Out the Conversation

The aim of this project was to bring out the conversation in asynchronous communication, redefine the experience, both interactively and visually, introduce and invent new forms of async communications and make the experience and service more valuable.

Date: Spring 2015 – 10 weeks
With: Skype, London
Team: Trieuvy Luu, Helle Taanquist

Within this brief and design area, we came up with a concept that provides people with a tool to share their stories and moments with their loved ones, involve them to their experiences by communicating the environment they are in and conveying their feelings-emotions at that moment. With Skype Touch we tried to create more intuitive dialogues on digital platforms to bring people closer.
Here is a concept video for Skype Touch


What has identified the process of this project is an ongoing explorative approach, which became a unique turning point in the process, as we allowed our curiosity the freedom to explore possibilities and experiences for our ideas. We switched our traditionally working environment with what was available around us, the outside facilities and in another culture. We explored experiences from different perspectives and dimensions, both with strangers and ourselves over a short time period. By so doing, the perspective shifted to focus on the user experience, and how people’s expressions influences the stories being told

Experience Prototypes

SkypeTouch App Prototype